Friday, 30 May 2008

A list of fund raising ideas:

What can I do to help the poor?

There are many things that can be done to raise financial support to break the poor out of their personal 'poverty trap'. Even small amounts of funding can begin a worthwhile project or add to other small amounts to make sure a family is given the chance of a brighter future.

Mission International has a wide range of projects already underway and here are a few examples:
  • Mighty Meals - £25 can feed a child in Africa for a whole academic year.

  • Cow project - From £300 we can provide a milk cow for a family giving a quality product to sell as well as provide a protein addition to their family diet.

  • Seeds & Tools project - £50 can provide basic tools and seeds for a family to begin rebuilding after national or local crisis.

  • Scholastic Materials - Some kids arrive at school with no resources, £5.00 can make sure they have a supply of pencils and paper, etc in order that they can gain the maximum from their lessons.

  • Sponsor a School Desk - Many schools have few resources and when children arrive for lessons they have to sit many to a desk or sit on the floor. A well made desk and seat combo can be purchased locally for £25 which can seat two children.

  • Sponsor a dormitory bed - Many children are forced to sleep in cramped and overcrowded conditions if they are somehow to gain an education. Many sleep two to a bed or more, this unsatisfactory sleeping arrangement makes their learning less effective, providing a bed and mattress will allow them a good uninterrupted night's sleep, this can be achieved for £50.

  • Fund a house for a family - Due to civil unrest, natural disaster and tragedy many families are left homeless, a small home can be constructed for around £1500, giving a place of refuge to a vulnerable family.
These are only some examples of what can be achieved to help poor an vulnerable people in some of the world's poorest communities.

These two girls worked hard at a coffee morning to make sure everyone was well supplied with drinks and food, the funds they raised went to purchase windows and doors for a school in Rwanda.

Fundraising ideas:

  • Coffee morning/sale of work.

  • Christmas/Easter craft sale.

  • Sponsored cycle/walk/run/three peaks event etc.

  • Dress down day/non-uniform day.

  • Ladies pamper event.

  • Boys toys event.

  • Dads 'n lads day out.

  • Clay pigeon shoot.

  • Ceilidh/barn dance.

  • Sports competition.

  • Car boot sale/garage sale/loft clear-out sale.

  • Ebay sale.

  • Bar-B-Q

Of course the list is endless and you may have other and better ideas that will raise some support, please register with us to become an 'Ambassador for the Poor' via the work of Mission International and we will help you in whatever way we can.

This sale of work was able to attract lots of local people, they were able to raise £800 clear at the end of the event.

Please note:

Mission International - managers of 'Ambassadors for the Poor', does not take any administration costs out of what you raise so you can be sure every penny of what you send to us will be used to support your preferred option.

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