Saturday, 12 December 2009

Port Seton Christmas Fayre:

Christmas Fayre a great success!
This year's Port Seton Christmas Fayre, held again in the local Community Centre was a roaring success, raising £965 for Mission International.   Some of those organising and running the fayre were Burundi mission team members in July 2009.   The experience of being on the team and the exciting stories told on their return spurred the group on to greater things again this year.  Young and old alike got involved in the events planning and preparation making it a wonderful success, even Santa arrived to show his support and to provide some presents for the children who were there.
Stalls of all sorts were on hand for the shoppers, from cake and candy to knitwear, crafts and collectors items.   "Its amazing what can be done to help the poor when a group of committed people get together" says Mission International director, Hugh Henderson.   It has to be said, this is a committed group of people, now having run a number of Christmas and Easter Fayres to support Mission International.

Life changing support raised:
Ambassadors for the Poor groups can be set up anywhere in the country.  Support is needed for projects in various parts of Africa and in Asia as well.   The effect  on a small community where a grant of £500-£1000 is given can be totally life changing for that community.  Your group of committed friends could make a huge difference for a community who are currently praying that a link can be made with those who can help.   Mission International is now setting up links between helpful people in the UK and needy communities in the developing world.   The initiative is called 'Support Link', allowing your group to go even further by getting involved in a specific project in a more 'hands on' way.   If you are interested in Support Link pleas visit our blog to find out more information.

Everyone gets involved:
An occasion like this can become a whole community event where young and old get involved.   In fact those whose skills are currently latent and unseen can come to the fore allowing real purpose to be identified now and for the future.  Here a couple of the youngsters in the team are serving food; they worked so very hard but at the end of the day were excited by the wonderful total they, with the others had achieved.

Burundian Guest:
Gervais Nyandwi and his new wife Esther not only attended the event but Esther's artistic skills ably supported by Gervais were used to provide a face painting service for the children, even some of the volunteers had the Mission International logo painted on their faces.   Gervais is a member of the Rema Team who are Mission International partners in Burundi.   He now resides with Esther in Scotland and hopes to become a strong supporter of the joint effort with Mission International to support the work of Rema in Burundi from his new home.
Thanks to everyone who got involved:
Mission International would like to formally thank everyone who took part in the Port Seton Christmas Fayre.   It is evident that this group have a real heart to serve the poor and for that many people are grateful, in particular those who benefit from the funds raised.

These two sisters enjoyed their day at the Fayre, they visited all of the stalls, saw Santa and also enjoyed to food on supply.   I think they may well become ambassadors for the poor one day.

Friday, 11 September 2009

Church leader leads the way for the poor

A family celebration focuses on raising support:
George Carratt, a Scottish church leader has raised over £400 to support the work of Mission International during his 50th birthday party. George, his wife Karen and the church they lead have been strong supporters of Mission International for some time and when they came up with the idea of a birthday fundraiser we were of course delighted.George informed his guests on the party invite and then made an announcement on the evening to ask that the folks might support Mission International rather than give expensive gifts to him on his birthday. This selfless option has made it possible for Mission International to bring much needed support to the poor in the developing world. A huge thank you to everyone who contributed.

George and his wife Karen enjoy some Scottish country dancing at the party.

Some of the dances were particularly complicated but the dancers were well able to cope with this since in Scotland school children are taught traditional dancing.
George and his mother reminisce about the 50 years that have passed. How could such a young lady have a 50 year old son?
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Sunday, 6 September 2009

Bag Packing raises funds:

A great fundraising effort at Somerfield:
There are many wonderful ways to raise funds to support the poor in the developing world. A team of Ambassadors for the Poor have now begun another new and fun way of raising funds. Bag packing at their local supermarket has, with the support of the many generous shoppers, helped this group to raise funds for their trip to Burundi in 2010.

To get going with an Ambassadors for the Poor group in your local area, or to find out about a place on a Mission team please get in touch with us on A teams application form is available if you click here.

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Thursday, 20 August 2009

Westhill Church raise support!

A good idea raises funds for the poor:

Although this group are not registered 'Ambassadors for the Poor' they have shown initiative and have come up with a great idea.

The group ran a holiday Bible club and at the same time ran a cafe which raised funds for the Hope Centre in Burundi linking their Bible teaching with Bible practice.

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Wednesday, 8 July 2009

King of the Road!

Marathon runner raises support for Hope Centre:
Grandmother Janet King has raised £1165 for the Hope Centre in Burundi by taking part in the Edinburgh Marathon. Janet, a hairdresser in Port Seton, met with a member of a local Ambassadors for the Poor group and agreed to find sponsors and raise funds for the Hope Centre. We are all delighted that Janet was able to finish the marathon safely and that she has become a donor to Mission International.

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Sunday, 5 April 2009

More Fundaraising for Mission International:

"Ambassadors for the Poor" fundraisers enjoy a great day together:

A group of Mission International's ''Ambassadors for the Poor'' spent a day selling their crafts, goods and food at an Easter Fayre recently to raise funds for the work of the charity. A group of young people have started their own craft club so they can learn to make new crafts and sell them to raise more funds. They love getting together and it seems they like to sell their stuff too, since they all worked so very hard at the Easter fayre. They served food, cleared tables and manned the stalls. Together they raised £600 for Mission International.

Here the craft group man their stall showing the remaining crafts, many were already sold before the picture was taken.

Lots of people came to browse and to buy as well as to enjoy the home made soup, stovies and the wide range of cakes and other tasty items.

Above: A young lad finds a treasure amongst the copious items for sale.

Below: A couple of the youngsters who helped out also played traditional music to entertain the shoppers as they browsed and enjoyed coffee and cake.

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