Friday, 10 June 2011

Success by Ambassadors for the Poor group!

After a team visit to Burundi in 2010 a group of like minded people from Aberdeenshire set up an Ambassadors for the Poor group.   Their main aim was to support two identifiable projects, firstly to raise funds and sponsors for the work going on at the Hope Centre and secondly to raise funds to provide a permanent water supply for the Nyembuye clinic.  Both projects have greatly benefited from their efforts.   The Hope Centre is seeing on-going development with new additional spin off projects planned for the near future and the Nyembuye clinic water supply project is about to get under way after a successful fundraising campaign by the group saw £15000 raised, the total required to complete the project.

Not all projects require large amounts of funding.   For a few hundred pounds of input a small project can see a community or a family change for ever.   Capital for 'prime the pump' funding allows a good project idea to be implemented so please consider what you can do to raise even a small amount of funding to help the poor.