Saturday, 18 August 2012

Water Project in Nyembuye, Burundi:
Ambassadors for the Poor in Aberdeenshire have recently raised £15000 for a water project in Burundi, Africa.   The Nyembuye clinic is in a remote village in the Matana province about 20km from the town of Rutana.   The clinic serves a refugee returnee community, but until recently had no water supply.   Water was collected in jerry cans some from the clinic and carried down the mountainside from a spring.   Christian Water Engineers  surveyed the site and confirmed that it was possible to pipe water from the spring but that the cost would be in the region of £15000.   The Aberdeenshire group, some of whom had visited Nyembuye, took it upon themselves to raise the funds, and within a year had the necessary £15000.   Now Nyembuye clinic has its own water supply, however a number of other spin off water supply taps have been situated near other community hot spots and dwellings making it an all round success for everyone.   Now the water project has its own committee who supervise its use and keep it in good order.

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